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casual fruk

airyus in hetalia_help


I'm here to offer a little fail!art as well, for people who are willing to help our much beloved island. :)

I'm afraid I can't offer much, tough, mainly due to lack of time and my participating in other auctions, so I'm willing to take commissions from the first 3 people who donate and comment here.

My offers' ratings go up to PG-13(sorry, I can't draw porn orz) and yeah...pretty much any pairing/character is okay, I suppose. Since I've been a bit busy lately, I'd prefer to draw sketches/b&w pictures, but if you don't mind me taking a while, I can try doing fully coloured stuff as well.

My "art" is not really what you'd call pretty, but in case you have any interest, you can find a little of it here.

Let us all do what little we can to help!