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Mar. 13th, 2011

casual fruk


(no subject)


I'm here to offer a little fail!art as well, for people who are willing to help our much beloved island. :)

I'm afraid I can't offer much, tough, mainly due to lack of time and my participating in other auctions, so I'm willing to take commissions from the first 3 people who donate and comment here.

My offers' ratings go up to PG-13(sorry, I can't draw porn orz) and yeah...pretty much any pairing/character is okay, I suppose. Since I've been a bit busy lately, I'd prefer to draw sketches/b&w pictures, but if you don't mind me taking a while, I can try doing fully coloured stuff as well.

My "art" is not really what you'd call pretty, but in case you have any interest, you can find a little of it here.

Let us all do what little we can to help!
UsUk - New Cover 8D


Projecto Z Commissions

(Sorry for the Double-Post.)

Many of my friends are also taking commissions! You can find all of us here, please take a look! Thanks♥
UsUk - New Cover 8D


Artist: Kisu-Fu

Tumblr (Mainly used for sketches, but more up-to-date than my DevArt)

I guess I can draw anything up to R-15 or something, just no explicit porn. Not that I don't like it, but my drawing skills are just not made for porn. Trust me.
I don't have any character/pairing preference; offering sketched comics and colored sketches. I'll try to finish them as quickly as I can. ♥

Mar. 12th, 2011


(no subject)

My DA: killerteddybear29.deviantart.com

I don't consider myself to be an amazing artist, but I would really like to help with this project.

I can normally get a drawing done in an evening or two depending on how complicated it is. I can do single characters or pairings, but I can't draw porn, mostly because my parents occasionally raid my drawing pad for spare paper~

Mar. 11th, 2011

homestuck., bro strider


More Art!

My talent: mizuhara-max.deviantart.com/gallery/

I hope I can be of some help!


I'll attempt to draw anything! I can usually get a pieces done in a night. It depends on how much I have lined up for the amount of time I take.. but thanks! Anything to help Japan!

Mar. 12th, 2011

China (twin tails)


Artist: Kunogi Midori

My Deviantart: kunogi09midori

I will open lineart, monotone and colored in SAI/tablet works. It will take me a day to two... however not until weekdays come.

I can draw couples and groups but not rated themes.

I hope people would be more aware that earthquakes can strike anytime. We have to learn from them and hopefully we all can cope with these serious events whenever in the future.Collapse )

Mar. 11th, 2011

Alfred Jones~


Sylar's Apprentice/ TheSikorsky

Samples/ link to your gallery: http://sylars-apprentice.deviantart.com/ (if you can find my art in there amongst all the photos, well done)
How long do I take to draw: Uhh it really depends ^^; I can probably knock out two to three per weekday evening if coursework doesn't eat me.
Anything else: Uhh I can't really draw naked people. :I But I'm really up for most things. Been practising my sex faces recently so I could even draw that, whatever you want :U
Gen - Gamer


Artist: Majime

I'm willing to offer a few requests for an exchange of donation to the Japan earthquake fund.

My Deviantart gallery is located here.
For the quality of the piece, they will be colored sketches, for I don't have a lot of time...
Each picture will take a day or two at most for I have other projects I'm working on as well.

I'm also willing to draw mature images (violence, smut, etc). that's not a problem for me.
SoulSilver Lugia


Artist: Crescent-Ashes/crescent_rain

Samples/link to your gallery: http://tinypic.com/1r5417vm
How long do I take to draw: Usually a day or two, may take longer depending on what it is.
Anything else: I probably won't draw pairings (I just can't seem to orz) and I won't draw smut.


Another Artist

I don't have a lot of money, so I can't donate myself. And I don't have a lot of free time either, but I'd really like to help out, so I'm offering my last free moments to the person who wants me to draw them something in exchange for donating.

If you're interested we can discuss what you want me to draw. Right now I can't offer more than a quickly coloured sketch though.

Examples of my abilities are found at my DeviantART page. I haven't uploaded anything on there in a while, so my drawing style may have changed a bit from what you see.

It'll take me two or three days to finish a picture I think, depending on what it is.

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